Pub Update

PubUpdate 2.0

Announcing the New Release

Two big new features are included in Version 2.0 based on customer requests:

  1. Tweet without posting to Facebook and vice versa
  2. Easier use on mobile devices (phones and tablets)

You can now upload photo’s directly from your phone (only works for iOS 6 and above for iPhones as previous versions did not support file upload).

While we were at it, we developed a new cleaner look and feel. I hope you like the new look PubUpdate. See the details below.

Twitter and/or Facebook

Users who attach a twitter account to their facebook account in PubUpdate, have there posts, events and reminders automatically sent to both.

Some people would like to send more tweets, while not sending them all to Facebook. Also, there may be occassions where you want to send to Facebook without tweeting it as well.

The new ‘Post’ form lets you select where you want to send the message.

It defaults to both if a twitter account has been added. You can leave it as is, or ‘de-select’ either so that it only goes to the selected account.

New Look for Desktops and Mobile Devices

Version 1.0 was difficult to use on a mobile devices as the scaling became so small it was difficult to see and ‘touch’ the proper elements. Version 2.0 has a ‘responsive’ design, which means it adapts the look to the device it is being displayed on.

The new look desktop version looks like this:

The calendar on an iPhone looks like this:

The calendar and forms are all usable on a phone and with iPhones updated to iOS 6 and above, you can upload photos to posts and events directly from your phone.