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Merging Facebook Pages

Facebook created place pages for many businesses when they added this new feature. If you already have a page and want to merge a claimed place page with your existing page, here is how you do it.

Important: The merging or combining of pages only moves the ‘Check ins’ and ‘Likes’ (fans) from one page to another. It does NOT move the photos or the previous posts, all of these are lost. If you want to keep the photos, you have to download them and re-upload them to the saved page.

Merging Instructions:

  1. Ensure that both pages have the exact same name and address. Go to the page to be merged and edit the name and address to match the page to be kept. Note: It helps to have a different profile picture so that you can tell the pages apart. Often the page to be deleted has the default place profile. If the profile picture is the same as the page to be kept, I recommend changing the picture so you know which page is which.
    • press Edit Page
    • go to the Basic Information tab (from the links on the left column)
    • change the ‘Name:’ ,’Address:’, ‘City/Town:’ and ‘Postal Code:’
    • press Save Changes
  2. Go to the page you want to keep and merge the previous page (which will be removed)
    • press Edit Page
    • go to the Resources tab (from the links on the left column)
    • click the Merge duplicate pages link
  3. A dialogue will show pages that you admin and that qualify to be merged. Select the page(s) you wish to merge to the page you’re on. You should recognize it by the profile picture in step 1.