Pub Update

Claiming a Facebook Place Page

If you are the legitimate owner of a Facebook Place page, you can claim it. The procedure is slightly different for the case where there is a phone number for the place and when there is not. The procedure for claiming a place are as follows:

  1. Sign in to facebook with your user account you want to manage the page with (note: you should have your restaurant email address added to this user account for verification in step 5 Email Procedure)
  2. Go to the place page on Facebook
  3. Click on the ‘Is this your business?’ link below the ‘like this’ and ‘were here’ display on the left side of the page
  4. Certify you are a rep for place and press the ‘Proceed with Verification’
  5. Depending whether there is a valid phone number, there are three procedures for claiming the page. It will automatically take you to one of the procedures (you can’t pick)
    • Phone Procedure
      • You can now have the auto dialer call the number and give you a PIN.
      • Make sure someone is ready to answer the phone and write down the PIN
      • Enter the PIN to claim the account
    • Email Procedure
      • Fill in the form listing the business name and address
      • When it asks for ‘Third Party Listing’, the Facebook page you are trying to claim will often have a small ‘yelp’ link that you can copy and paste.
      • press continue
      • use a place based email address to confirm that you are the owner (note: make sure that the email address is attached to the facebook user in step 1)
    • Business Bills Procedure
      • Same as the email procedure above, but if you don’t have a business e-mail you have to send in a business bill such as a phone bill with the business name and address. It says to scan in the receipt, but I find that simple using a smart phone and photographing the receipt is the easiest.
  6. That should do it! Note that the email/bill procedures takes longer to validate whereas the phone procedure is immediate.